Dynamic Reactive Compensation unit

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Increase your productivity with DRCU

The intelligent dynamic Power Factor Detection and Correction provides an efficient technique to improve the power factor of a power system by an economical way. By using DRCU we can raise power factor in a proven way of increasing the efficient use of electricity by utilities & end users. Economic benefits for end users may include reduced energy bills, lower cable, transformer losses & improved voltage conditions, while utilities benefit from released system capacity. With suggestion of active compensation and detection of abnormal values the utilization of DRCU can be extended to industrial consumers and Distribution Transformers.

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Automatic Power Factor Controller

Automatic power factor controller project is designed to improve power factor automatically whenever power factor falls below a certain level.

In all the Incomers. Fixed PF Corrections Individual (e.g. Motor, Transformers, Lighting). Group Fixed PF Correction (Several Equipment connected in groups)



Get the Greatest Insight with DRCU

  • DRCU will measure all Electrical Parameters
  • Measured data's are send to dedicated software for analysis purpose
  • DRCU will calculate the capacitor required value for reactive power compensation
  • DRCU will display how long capacitor is ON and how much KVAR is compensated it can be viewed in software
  • It will also check for the device rated values and if measured values exceeds the rated value it will switch ON the warning alarm and cut-off the power supply of the device
  • DRCU has multi step (2 step, 4 step, 6 step, and 8 step) capacitor switching depending upon load
  • Remote Calibration can be done through software & Long-life capacitors will be provided
  • Minimum and Maximum Power Factor values can be set in the software dynamically
  • Transmission Copper loss will be reduced and Efficiency will be improved & Active power balance is suggested resulting in reduction of line losses and energy consumption

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